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How It Works

Step 1. Buy your ticket to Manchester Craft Beer Festival

This is an all-inclusive beer festival, which means all your beer is included in the ticket price.

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Step 2. Grab a glass

Head down to Depot Mayfield, we’ll scan your ticket and you’ll grab your festival glass on entry (which you get to keep!) this is what you’ll use to try all of the beer at the festival.

Step 3. Try a beer…

Try a beer. Try another beer. Speak to the brewers about the beer.

Try a beer style you’d never normally try. Why not? All your beer is included in the price, so you’re free to try the 500+ beers that we’ll have at the festival.

Step 4. Grab some food

We’ll have some of Manchester’s finest food spots bringing their delicious dishes, so make sure you come to the festival hungry.

Step 5. Try something beyond beer?

As well as world-class breweries, we’ll have drink producers and artisanal snacks for you to try. From cocktails to whisky, wine to ciders, there’s more than just beer at the festival.

Many will have free samples, with long drinks and large serves at an additional cost.

Step 6. Have a dance

We’ll have music and entertainment to keep those festival vibes going.

Step 7. Leave with a smile 🙂

After a fun filled day of trying some amazing beers, eating delicious food, and dancing the night away, how else could you leave but with a smile on your face!

We can’t wait to raise a glass with you at this year’s festival!

Grab your tickets and we’ll see you in July.

Grab Your Tickets Here